Lexaloffle Games Releases Zen Puzzle Garden for Mac OS X

August 12, 2004 -- Lexaloffle Games has released its Japanese rock garden puzzler for Mac OS X. Zen Puzzle Garden not only borrows the visual theme of Japanese rock gardens but also extends it into the gameplay. The apparent simple beauty of each garden conceals a greater complexity.

The player assumes the role of a diligent monk with a rake. To complete each puzzle they must rake all of the sand without raking themselves into a corner. This task is made difficult with the introduction of several rules. The monk must not walk over raked sand or rocks and must step off the sand for the garden to be completed.

Lexaloffle Games looks forward to continuing its support for both Macintosh and Windows platforms and will announce dual releases later this year.

A 5 garden demo of Zen Puzzle Garden is available for download from the game's homepage: http://www.lexaloffle.com/zen.htm

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