Worlds First Dwarf Buddleja
by Andrew Ronn

Floraselect are delighted to announce a new and exclusive to the UK market, the first true dwarf Buddleja! Buddleia Lo and Behold "Blue Chip", bred by Dennis Werner of North Carolina State University is an attractive, hardy, free-flowering miniature Butterfly Bush. This stunning new variety will brighten up your garden with its countless blooms of gorgeously sweet honey scent. The new miniature Buddleja; "Blue Chip" has stunning, short spikes of lavender-blue flowers bursting throughout the late spring and summer months. It"s genuinely dwarf, only reaching 1mt in height, so it's compact enough to plant in a terrace or patio pot or add to other shrubs within a garden border. Buddleia as a species can be invasive, but you will love our new Buddleia "Blue Chip", with all the charm of a full sized Buddleja, but without the upkeep and unexpected seedlings (the cultivar rarely produces seed which limits seedling proliferation). Buddleja "Blue Chip" is easy to maintain, just remove spent flowers to watch it blossom continuously throughout the summer. Buddleia also has benefits for increasing garden diversity as it"s blossom encourages Butterflies and Bees to visit the garden which will also persuade the small bird species to investigate.

If you love butterflies, low maintenance gardening and a beautiful scent, then this is the plant for you. Buy now from for "15.95 in a 3lt pot.


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