3 Greenhouse Gardening Tips For Orchid Plants
by Wendy Campbell

Different species of orchids are the few popular flowers that gardeners love to have in their garden. Most gardeners grow orchids in an open air garden or they choose to hang it in an open area. For the past few years, orchid gardeners find that greenhouse gardening is another way to grow orchids better. This is because orchids of different species require different growing conditions. A greenhouse can help gardeners to stabilize growing conditions such as moist and temperature. This ensures that the orchid plants can experience optimum growth rate.

Avoid Toxic Paints

A lot of gardeners choose to paint their greenhouse because they want the structure to fit better into their overall garden design. Some may only paint the outer part while some may paint both the interior and exterior of their greenhouse. It is alright to have both the interior and exterior painted but you have to make sure that the paint used for the interior part of your greenhouse is free from toxic.

Toxic paints, when exposed to a certain level of heat, might release gases that are harmful to your orchid plants inside the greenhouse. Of course, no major changes will happen to the orchids within a few days despite the fact that they are getting ill due to the gases. The best way to identify whether a paint contains any type of toxic materials is to ask more about it from the shop selling these paints or perform your own research on the Internet. It is always recommended to do your purchase online as descriptions of substances used to produce the paint are normally provided.

Ensure Sufficient Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight is crucial for the growth of orchids. When building or planning the structure of your greenhouse for orchid gardening, you have to make sure that the roof and walls is designed in such a way whereby the plants inside the greenhouse are being exposed to sufficient sunlight. Apart from ensuring optimum growth for your orchids, you are also going to save on greenhouse heating cost.

As for sensitive orchid species, you need to make sure that you have tall wooden plants inside your greenhouse to provide the necessary shades. These sensitive orchid species must not be exposed to direct sunlight although they still require sunlight for photosynthesis purposes. Either way, it is always good for you as a greenhouse gardener to differentiate between a fair amount of sunlight exposure and an excessive exposure.

Maintain Good Ventilation

Another aspect of orchid greenhouse gardening that a greenhouse gardener should take notice of is the ventilation of the greenhouse. Ventilation, just like the sunlight exposure, is equally important in contributing to the growth of your orchid plants. Make sure that you do have a vent if you have chosen to build a glass greenhouse. Ventilation of prefabricated greenhouse should be just nice for the growth of orchid plants.

Other than that, you should cover up the vents using mesh screens so that they do not allow unwanted creatures like pests and birds to enter your greenhouse. Once they are inside your greenhouse, it will only spell trouble to your orchid plants.

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