Gardening Tools - What Tools Will You Need to
Help Make Money From Your Garden?

By Karen Connell

There are lots of garden tools that are useful but not all are essential. Some useful power tools for the serious gardener include a good powered hedge trimmer. If you have large shrubs or hedges in your garden and want to keep them manicured, the use of a powered hedge trimmer will make the job quick and simple. You can create the shape that you want for your hedge or shrubs in a matter of minutes rather than clipping away with a pair of garden shears.

Another useful bit of kit for the gardener is a hose pipe, but a hose pipe is not a labor saving device unless it is fitter with a sprinkler. Then you simple turn on the water and your plants will be watered whilst you go off to do something else.

A good lawn mower is an absolute necessity for the garden with a lawn. The type of lawn mower would be chosen according to the size of the lawn, ease of use and budget. For the large lawn and bank balance, there are some super duper sit-on lawn mowers on the market. At the other end of the scale, there are some excellent mowers for the smaller lawn such as the very reasonably priced battery powered cordless lawn mower.

The tools that are on sale to keep a garden in shape are many, but the choice depends on the individual gardener and if he requires lots of labor saving equipment. Some gardeners however, like to get 'down and dirty' and do the digging, mulching and trimming with the manual type of equipment. Those types will require a good spade, garden fork, hoe, shears, trowel, and do not forget a good strong pair of gardening gloves and a comfy kneeling pad. So, as you can see, the purchase of garden tools is all down to personal choice in the end.

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